FREE EBOOK: A Gift to Heal Your Heart

FREE EBOOK: A Gift to Heal Your Heart


Are you struggling with a relationship issue that you can’t seem to resolve or get past?

Do you feel overwhelmed, sad, resentful, confused, or just so upset and disappointed that you don’t know how to “fix it” or move on?

What if you could feel uplifted, hopeful, more confident? What if you could just let go of the emotional stress associated with your relationship issue and move forward with an open heart? … Just like waving  a magic wand and, Poof! … a door would open, a light would turn on, and all your stress surrounding a difficult relationship issue would simply vanish?!  Well, words are powerful.  They are like wands.  The right words can set you free!

When you feel emotionally stuck and don’t quite know how to let go of the pain or resolve the situation, I can truly help.

I have a unique gift for helping anyone find the best solution for any sort of relational stress.

What I do is guide you to write an“Inspired Heart Letter” .  This type of communication truly helps you heal or solve any relationship matter.  Through an Inspired Heat Letter, I offer you a process for promoting a positive change with anyone you wish.  Effective communication is key.  I have resurrected the lost art of letter writing…  In fact, I can actually guide you, by providing the most powerful words and approach that will cause a radical shift within yourself and the person who receives your letter.

Yes.  Letter writing is a true art form that has largely disappeared and is replaced by easier, simpler text messages or email chats that are not as thoughtful, creative, or provocative as a truly open, honest, and compelling letter.

For nearly fifteen years, I have composed hundreds of ghost-written letters for people who struggled with all kinds of overwhelming relationship matters.  Often it is quite challenging when we are faced with an emotionally hurtful or frustrating experience. For anyone with a loss for the right words, and not sure just how to open the door and effectively communicate from the heart…and heal the pain,  I can truly help.

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If you can’t seem to find the answer to resolve a conflict regarding your relationship, or if you wish to deepen or enhance your connection with another, I can truly help.


How to Write Your Own “Inspired Heart Letter”

What you need to get started are some exercises to you get out of your own way, clarify what you really want, and learn how to write a compelling letter that will shift you out of your current dilemma.

Ready to get started? In this free special report, Kristine reveals the 5 easy steps that she has used to help hundreds of clients heal their relationships. Get instant access to this report and get inspired to create your very own “Inspired Heart Letter”

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This process can help you with the following relationship issues:

  • finding romantic love and partnership
  • keeping the love alive in your marriage
  • working through divorce or separation
  • maintaining peace within your family
  • stepping into a new family and trying to blend in
  • reconciliation with estranged family or loved ones
  • dealing with friendship issues
  • working through grief or loss
  • any other heart-felt challenges you might be facing

You are the star of your own show. You have the opportunity to step out of whatever role you have been playing and take a stand for creating a better love story.

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Kristine Grant MFT is a Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach, specializing in helping her clients build and maintain satisfying relationships.Her new book Relation Shift : A Radical Way to Heal, helps people resolve relationship conflicts

Also keep an eye out for the launch of my new book, Relation Shift: A Radical Way to Heal. This is Volume 1 of my Inspired Heart Letters Book Series.