Kristine On Bullying

Kristine has maintained a private psychotherapeutic practice since 1998. She has created and led both women and men groups focused upon relationship issues. Recently, Kristine was called upon as a relationship expert as part of a panel of advisors for a long-term men’s initiation/empowerment group.  Kristine has made guest appearances on a San Diego radio show, Transition Radio with hosts Paula Shaw speaking about “dealing with relationship issues over the holidays” and with Dr. Milan of I-Heart radio speaking on “Co-Parenting After Divorce.” She has also recently participated on a Tele-Summit, Audacious Authenticity as a Relationship Expert.  Along with being a special guest on various internet podcast shows, in March of 2018, Kristine was a featured guest on Fox-5 News San Diego commenting on the national student, “March for Our Lives” demonstration.  She is speaking on ABC TV on Portland’s “Afternoon” show regarding her Relation-Shift method as well as on national radio talk shows.

Dealing with Bullying and Other forms of Relational Aggression:

As a direct result of her daughter, Alana’s very difficult and traumatic experiences as a target of peer bullying, Kristine wrote/designed an anti-bullying program for children, “Be Friendship Focused”, teaching life-skills that counter-act relational aggression, that is filled with character building, self-empowering exercises and strategies. She and her daughter created the “A-Z Power Cards” a character building, thought provoking card deck that engages individuals or groups to begin a conversation that shifts negative perspectives and creates an more positive outlook. Both her book and cards are found on Amazon and published by Youthlight Inc..  Kristine has promoted her anti-bullying/self-empowerment program to numerous audiences at national. statewide, and local venues. During her term as a school psychologist, Kristine voluntarily promoted her anti-bullying program as a group leader for after school programs for five years.